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for all range of application throughout the year




  • Optimised hood shape with efficient shredding channel for better mulching quality and defibration
  • Variable adjustment of the shredding ratio and the suction/feed capacity for different requirements
  • Option for easy adjustment of the rear roller for use in difficult weather and soil conditions
  • TÜV-certified thrown object test according to ISO 17101-2 for optimal safety

... for mulching that saves time and energy

MU-H Vario MU-L Vario

with Front or Rear mounting   (Standard)

with Front and Rear mounting   (Option)

Optimised mulcher hood with a larger open front

  • for better material flow 

Efficient suction and blade clearance

  • for a greater suction effect and better material uptake 

Adjustable cutting bar (optional)

  • for various shredding ratios when meeting different requirements 

Longer shredding channel with "Shark fin" short shredding bar system

  • for optimum shredding and defibration
MU-M Vario MU-Pro Vario

with Front and Rear mounting   (Standard)


additionally with


Pivoting rear roller that can be adjusted in a one man operation

  • for depositing mulch material either behind or in front of the rear roller

Slotted holes in the lower and upper link points

  • for better ground contour following