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with an innovative sowing method for catch crops without tillage.

Müthing COVERSEEDER - Neuartiges Verfahren kombiniert Saatgutausbringung und Ernterestemanagement in einem Arbeitsgang.

Müthing COVERSEEDER - Innovative process combines seed placement
and crop residue management in one pass.

Working width: 2.80 m ?Driving power: 130-250 hp



  • Crop residue proscessing and sowing of catch crops in one pass
  • Innovative machine system consisting of harrow, rotor, seeding unit and prism roller
  • The harrow provides fine soil and promotes even straw distribution
  • The rotor cuts stubbles, picks up all the crop residues from the ground and chops them.
  • Seeds are placed on the cleared soil surface and covered by the prepared organic material
  • The prism roller ensures soil contact of the seeds and provides optimum germination conditions.


Your benefit:

  • No tillage means enormous cost savings
  • Sowing immediately after harvest brings advantages for the establishment of the catch crop
  • Uniform soil cover by the mulch layer protects against evaporation, wind and water erosion
  • Decomposition of organic matter on the surface is delayed, thus no nutrient competition between rotting process and plant nutrition
  • Flexible application in terms of weather, trafficability, optimum sowing time and protection of soil life
  • Reduction of energy use and working time
  • Preservation of the natural soil structure
  • Full use of the benefits of a well-established catch crop mixture
  • Fast establishment of green winter cover possible even after late-clearing crops
  • Components can also be used individually (prism roller, mulcher)


For further informations please feel free to contact:
Frau Elena Glitz – Marketing Manager
Telefon +49 2921 - 37049 - 65