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Hydraulic Weight Transfer for Front Mounted Flails



The hydraulic weight transfer System "MU-SOFA®" by Müthing stands for:

S => Security during transport and work

O => Optimization of traction (tractor) and weight of the attachment

F => Flotation of the attachment during transport and work

A => Adjustment continuously of the Flail in various ground conditions 


The adjustable hydraulic weight transfer System "MU-SOFA®" by Müthing for front mounting:

  • Helps the steering capability of tractors in work with front mounted attachment.
  • Offers more comfort for the driver while working and transporting.

  • Improves the contour following for front mounting and the function of the unit.

  • Easy control of the constant distance to ground, provides from damage of rough soil contact.

  • Offers an easy adjustment of the load relief for different weight- and working conditions.

  • To reduce bouncing during work and transport.

  • To save expensive accessories, e.g. front mounted wheels, or shock-absorbing springs


A valid investment for safe and comfortable work, for long lasting front mounting, for the prevention of wear and repair costs and for the realization of profits.

The Müthing MU-SOFA® can be installed into all known hydraulic systems of existing front hydraulic 3 point linkages. (Installation time is about 4 hours.)

Due to the adjustability for the tractor all front mounting devices are covered for example Mulching Systems, Mowers, Bed Rollers, Haulm Choppers, Snow Ploughs.

Alternatively there´s a addition of MU-SOFA® Mobil for the particular construction available, an additional tpiece is connected with hydraulic line of the tractor.


MU-SOFA® Tractor Attachment

MU-SOFA® Device Attachment