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Flail Mowers for Solar Power plants



Power plants may vary in construction – bracing of the Solar panel/- modular unit with a one or two stand construction (as shown on drawing).
The distance between the lower unit edges to the ground is usually very small.
Therefor the Mulching maintenance devices need to be very low and also be able to evade the stands.

While usually only a few operations are scheduled throughout the year, a high plant stand may occur.
This demands a fast rotting process and substantial flail mowers.

Müthing uses therefor low appointed flail mowers with an hydraulic driven cutting plate with key control to avoid bumping into a stand. It´s height is just 25 cm and it extends widely under the constructions.

Because almost very solar plant asks for special demands when it comes to cultivation, we ask you to fill in the adjoining form for your plant and construction.
We will submit you an offer for your individual needs.


1-Stand Construction

2-Stand Construction


We recommend that you take the measurements on different places within your complex, please fill in the actual data and not the ones stated in the floor plan.

In the hillside the measurements have to be taken in square angle, respectively parallel to the ground.

If there are further obstacles under the power plants (for example strutting, bracings), these must also be measured.

Please use a separate diagram if necessary.


  min. cm max. cm
   A – Height of front module lower edge to ground


   B – Distance between module front edge to pillar


   C – Distance row to row at the module edges


   D – Distance at module rear edge to pillar


   E – Height rear module edge to ground




Technical features

  • For Fence posts, solar power plants, row of trees
  • Diameter 50 cm
  • Mechanical swiveling via spring balancer
  • Hydraulic drive, min 35 l oil flow, 1 x pressure flow, 1 x pressure less return flow 


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