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MU-C Front

Front mounting

Working width 100 - 160 cm

For Compact Tractors up to 35 HP 


Standard Equipment  

  • Manufactured from High Quality fi ne-grain QSt/E Steel with center mounted Cat. 1 3-point trestle for rear mounting
  • Belt rear mounting: Gearbox with integrated over run clutch for 540 r.p.m. (1.000 r.p.m. possible as option, distance of the ground to PTO shaft cc. 50 cm) – up to 35 HP
  • Front mounting: low positioned gearbox with integrated over run clutch for 1.000 r.p.m (2.000 r.p.m. possible as option, distance of the ground to PTO shaft cc. 25 cm) – up to 35 HP
  • Belt protection with tension measuring slot
  • Shackle M Carbide flails to ensure long life, clean cut and maximum shredding using less power
  • Spiral Rotor with specially formed flail lugs to protect against damage from obstacles, bearings protected against dirt, wear and tear
  • Patented removable shredding bar – System: "Shark fin"
  • Large support roller for adjusting height of mulcher
  • Additional Carbide wearing skids, removable
  • High tempered one way spring steel protection flaps in front of the mower hood
  • PTO shaft with hardened inner pipe and cap bottom lubrication


  • Mount for municipal quick-coupling triangle (installed on implement) for front mounting
  • 2 point Linkage parts for original mower deck linkages for Front Mowers instead of 3-point trestle Cat. I (only for MU-C 100 and MU-C 120 available)
  • Support arms for Shibaura CM 214
  • MU-SOFA® weight transfer system, recommended for front-mounted machines
  • Wear insert in housing (factory mounted)
  • Second bolt on short chopping bar system with "shark fin" design – a Müthing patent (only for front mounting)
  • Strong, height adjustable support wheels, 360º swivel in front of the flail (Ø ca. 235 mm heigth and ca 80 mm wide) as shown above

 Technical Data

Overall width
max. Tractor HP
No. of flails
MU-C 100
100 cm
124 cm
35 HP
145 kg
MU-C 120
120 cm
144 cm
35 HP
151 kg
MU-C 140
140 cm
164 cm
35 HP
159 kg
MU-C 160
160 cm
184 cm
35 HP
175 kg