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Verge Mowers for Rear mounting

Working width 180 - 250 cm

For tractors up to 160 HP  


Standard Equipment

  • Manufactured from High Quality fine-grain QSt/E Steel with headstock Cat. 2 + 3 for rear mounting
  • Hydraulic horizontal side shift
  • Adjustment range 45 cm: Inner edge of mulcher from 120 cm to 165 cm outwards from centre of tractor
  • Working angle 90° up to 60° down
  • Gearbox with integrated over run clutch for 1.000 r.p.m.
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Hydraulic break back
  • High tempered M Hammer flails to ensure clean cut and maximum shredding using less power
  • Spiral Rotor with specially formed flail lugs to protect against damage from obstacles, bearings protected against dirt, wear and tear
  • Patented removable shredding bar – System: "Shark fin"
  • Large support roller (dia. approx. 244 mm) with internal bearing, for height adjustment of mulcher
  • Robust Starinth® rear roller bearing system (see page 12)
  • Carbide wearing skids, removable
  • High tempered one way spring steel protection flaps in front of the mower hood
  • Swinging arm connection of headstock and mulching head together with optimized distance between the outer rotor circle and the roller guarantees perfect contour following and an even quality of cut
  • 2 double acting spool valves required, at least one with float position
  • PTO shaft with hardened inner tube and cap bottom lubrication



  • Heavy duty double wide angle P.T.O. shaft with cap bottom lubrication
  • Alternative flails and rotor systems (triple Y-blades, M-Shackle flails)
  • Second patented removable shredding bar – System: "Shark fin"
  • Wear insert in housing (factory mounted)
  • Scraper bar for displaced support roller, incl. extended side panel for roller
  • Warning signs with LED lighting equipment with turn signal failure indicator and lighting equipment support incl. 5 m cable (fitted)
  • Operating hours counter with sensor


Working and Shifting Ranges MU-M/S

  • The stated measurements are approximate and may vary according to different Tractors

Technical Data

max. Traktor 1.000 r.p.m.
No of flails
MU-M/S 180
180 cm
160 HP
1.140 kg
MU-M/S 200
200 cm
160 HP
1.210 kg
MU-M/S 220
220 cm
160 HP
1.280 kg
MU-M/S 250
250 cm
160 HP
1.380 kg